6 months


I’ve been on this earth for 6 months now. And let me tell you, it is full of bright colors and awesome things to touch and look at. I’m rolling everywhere now, wanting to be in the action. Mommy tells me I need to stop growing so fast, but she doesn’t understand I want to keep up with my big brothers. Don’t tell her, but my plan is to be walking soon. Shh!

I am now about 12lbs 7oz and 26in long, which means I haven’t gained weight in over a month (he has lost almost a lb actually). But, we finally know why I’ve been like this since birth. I have a very rare severe food allergy called FPIES (pronounced F-pies). I get very very sick from foods. My mommy has tried feeding me rice, barley, carrots, bananas, chicken, sweet potatoes, mango, etc. But my body rejects it so bad after 2-5hrs, I end up with severe vomiting for hours or very very bad bloody/muccusy diapers for days. My worst trigger is bananas. Mama thought she had to take me to the hospital that one time. My little body went into shock. But after an hour or so, I snapped out of it and seemed ok. So now, we are waiting to see a new doctor, his name is the allergist, mommy says. And then we will also see a GI to help me eat and grow bigger/better. For now the plan is just to get me to take more milk from my mommy (can’t tolerate ANY kind of formula) and hope that I start to gain even as little as 1oz here or there.

My little heart is doing okay though. We go back to see Dr.A in September. I hope she has good news for me. I want my PDA to close up so I don’t need surgery.

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